Buckshot around the world

Executive Editor
Source: International Energy Agency. The U.S. and Sweden are based on 2020 data; India and Kenya 2019. The biofuel mixes in Sweden and Kenya also include waste.

Each country has their own unique energy mix made up of different resources and technologies—a dirtier buckshot, if you will.

That means their silver buckshot solutions will all be somewhat different as we transition to cleaner technologies.

In addition to the United States, we chose these three countries to show the breadth of different energy mixes.

Sweden historically doubled down on zero-emitting nuclear power, so that’ll be a big part of its future buckshot, too. India has ambitious renewable energy goals, so expect that bright blue sliver to expand significantly. Kenya’s mix shows the huge role biofuels and wood cooking play there. That’ll need to be significantly reduced in a cleaner world, both for public health and climate reasons.