On Cipher’s one-year anniversary, survey results and story favorites

Executive Editor

We launched Cipher one year ago this week with our inaugural edition!

A big thank you to our readers, our small but mighty (and growing!) team at Cipher and the broader network we’re a part of supported by Breakthrough Energy.

In honor of our one-year anniversary, we’re sharing some results of our reader survey completed a few weeks ago and highlights of our most-read articles.

A plurality of readers—38%—say they want to read more Explained articles, which break down complex topics.

Among the most-read articles over the past year are Explained articles, including these two:

You asked, and we’re answering! Anca’s story today is the first of a two-part Explained series on long duration energy storage.

That topic is also the most-requested technology—along with zero-emitting electricity generally—that readers would like us to cover. Another plurality of respondents (39%) chose that category.

That mirrors its importance in this overall debate. As we’ve written many times before, clean electricity is essential to tackling climate change across economies, such as transportation and manufacturing, since they, too, will increasingly rely on electricity.

Several other technology areas, including manufacturing, agriculture and carbon management, were also popular.

The fewest number of readers said they’re interested in reading about breaking news as it happens. Breaking news is important, but we’re more about education and illumination at Cipher. The breaking-news landscape is already well covered.

Although we don’t chase breaking news so much, we will always seek out exclusive news and put big news stories into context. Two that fit this bill were among our most-read articles over the past year:

Missed the survey but still have opinions? You can always email me (amy@ciphernews.com) with your feedback—good and bad! I try to read (if not respond) to every email sharing feedback and requests for Cipher.

Onward to year 2!