Cipher News and AP Collaborate on Clean Energy Transition Coverage

Cipher News and Associated Press logos paired together

[October, 31, 2023] – Today, Cipher News and The Associated Press co-published a collaborative story on the clean energy transition as part of an effort to strengthen global climate coverage through a joint reporting initiative.  

The collaborative story focuses on a new initiative by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that trains students to be mediators in clean-energy projects facing opposition around the United States.  

As the urgency and complexity of the clean energy transition deepens, the piece highlights climate solutions explored through the education sector.   

The collaboration is a joint initiative of the AP and Cipher, working closely with Amy Harder, Cipher Executive Editor, with the support of AP’s global team of experienced climate and energy journalists.

“We are thrilled to pair Cipher’s dedicated climate and clean energy expertise with AP’s deeply talented team and global distribution to bring more readers much-needed coverage on climate solutions. We look forward to collaborating on more stories across our teams,” said Amy Harder, Cipher Executive Editor.   

AP News Director for Climate and Environment Peter Prengaman, climate photo editor Alyssa Goodman and climate accountability editor Ingrid Lobet worked with Cipher’s editorial team to develop the final story.   

“The subject matter expertise of our climate team, including the experienced photo guidance and capacity, really added to the strength of this story,” said Climate Collaborations Editor Lagipoiva Cherelle Jackson. “Collaborating on covering the clean energy transition with Cipher is just one of the ways we are exploring partnerships with specialist newsrooms.”

The story is the result of over four months of work between the two newsrooms, from pitch to publication. The two newsrooms will continue exploring joint collaborations on coverage of the clean energy transition globally.