Top Reads + Hot Takes

  1. Bipartisan nuclear.

    E&E News reporter Andres Picon details the bipartisan journey of the ADVANCE Act, a bill containing a collection of provisions designed to support the growth of the U.S. nuclear power industry.

    In an era of deep divisiveness in politics, it's fascinating — and encouraging — to see lawmakers come together over nuclear. Lawmakers focus on different benefits in pitching nuclear to constituents.

    Headshot of Cat Clifford

    Cat Clifford

    Senior Science and Economics Correspondent

  2. China abroad.

    An in-depth opinion piece in Dialogue Earth argues China should aim much of its domestic green energy production overcapacity toward Southeast Asia, where the green transition has barely started.

    There’s an obvious logic to China finding ways to push the green transition in emerging markets along faster if major markets like the U.S., EU and India are going to put up trade barriers.

    Bill Spindle

    Senior Global Correspondent

  3. Shareholder activism.

    A federal court in Texas dismissed ExxonMobil's lawsuit against activist investors after Arjuna Capital withdrew its proposal seeking to speed up cuts in greenhouse emissions, Bloomberg reports.

    Instead of asking the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to block a shareholder proposal, Exxon's "novel approach" sets a precedent for other companies seeking to discourage such proposals.

    Amena H. Saiyid

    Washington D.C. Correspondent