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  1. Uranium boom.

    The price of uranium, which is the metal used in nuclear reactors, has risen 233% in the past five years, which is more than three times the rise in price of gold or copper, Bloomberg reports.

    This fascinating feature takes readers to the uranium mining camp in Saskatchewan of NexGen Energy, which has a market value of $4 billion even though it isn't expected to sell uranium until 2028.

    Headshot of Cat Clifford

    Cat Clifford

    Senior Science and Economics Correspondent

  2. Bio-engineered chemicals.

    The U.S. Energy Department has conditionally agreed to give Solugen a $213.6 million loan to build a plant in Minnesota to make chemicals for the industrial sector without using fossil fuels.

    A wholly owned Solugen subsidiary, Bioforge Marshall, will employ a technology using bio-engineered enzymes, metal catalysts and agricultural waste that also will reduce carbon emissions.

    Amena H. Saiyid

    Washington D.C. Correspondent